Packages matching: development/tools


  • binutils - A GNU collection of binary utilities
  • elfutils-libelf - Library to read and write ELF files
  • geoipupdate - Update GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy binary databases from MaxMind
  • geoipupdate-cron - Cron job to do weekly updates of GeoIP databases
  • git - Fast Version Control System
  • help2man - Create simple man pages from --help output
  • make - A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
  • patch - Utility for modifying/upgrading files
  • pkgconfig - A tool for determining compilation options
  • qemu-guest-agent - QEMU Guest Agent
  • re2c - Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions
  • stress - A tool to put given subsystems under a specified load
  • yum-utils - Utilities based around the yum package manager