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Packages beginning with letter "U".

  • udev - A userspace implementation of devfs
  • udns - DNS resolver library for both synchronous and asynchronous DNS queries
  • unbound - Validating, recursive, and caching DNS(SEC) resolver
  • unbound-libs - Libraries used by the unbound server and client applications
  • unixODBC - A complete ODBC driver manager for Linux
  • unrar - Extract, test and view RAR archives
  • unzip - A utility for unpacking zip files
  • upstart - An event-driven init system
  • urlview - URL extractor/launcher
  • usermode - Tools for certain user account management tasks
  • ustr - String library, very low memory overhead, simple to import
  • util-linux-ng - A collection of basic system utilities
  • uwsgi - Fast, self-healing, application container server