Optparse inspired command line parser for Python


The argparse module is an optparse-inspired command line parser that
improves on optparse by:
 * handling both optional and positional arguments
 * supporting parsers that dispatch to sub-parsers
 * producing more informative usage messages
 * supporting actions that consume any number of command-line args
 * allowing types and actions to be specified with simple callables
    instead of hacking class attributes like STORE_ACTIONS or CHECK_METHODS

as well as including a number of other more minor improvements on the
optparse API.
License: Python
Vendor: CentOS
Group: development/languages


python-argparse-1.2.1-2.1.el6.noarch [47 KiB] Changelog by Alan Pevec (2012-09-11):
- Import to RHEL 6.4 (rhbz#851798)