Backport of importlib.import_module() from Python 2.7


This package contains the code from importlib as found in Python 2.7.
It is provided so that people who wish to use importlib.import_module()
with a version of Python prior to 2.7 or in 3.0 have the function
readily available. The code in no way deviates from what can be found
in the 2.7 trunk.
License: Python
Vendor: Baruwa Enterprise Edition
Group: development/languages


python-importlib-1.0.4-1.el6_9.noarch [10 KiB] Changelog by Carl George (2017-07-06):
- Latest upstream
- Remove conflict for python(abi) = 2.7, see rhbz#1160078
- Include LICENSE
python-importlib-1.0.2-1.el6.noarch [6 KiB] Changelog by Andrew Colin Kissa (2011-06-21):
- Initial package