A terminal multiplexer


tmux is a "terminal multiplexer."  It enables a number of terminals (or
windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal.  tmux is
intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to programs such
as GNU Screen.
License: ISC and BSD
Vendor: Baruwa Enterprise Edition
Group: applications/system


tmux-1.6-3.1.el6.x86_64 [207 KiB] Changelog by Andrew Colin Kissa (2021-10-20):
- BaruwaOS rebuild
tmux-1.6-3.el6_8.x86_64 [207 KiB] Changelog by Steven Roberts (2013-08-09):
- Building for el6
- Remove tmux from the shells file upon package removal (RH bug #972633)